Locally owned and operated, Court Programs, Inc. began offering Community Justice alternatives & programs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1995. Over the last twenty years , we have grown to become the leader in supervision programs across the State.

Whether you are born here or just visiting, it is well known that Mississippians value their communities. Neighbors wave and say hello, strangers open the doors for others and instead of six degrees of separation, Mississippians only have one.  By listening and working with residents of the Magnolia state, Court Programs, Inc. has been able to adapt and create programs to meet the needs of their communities.

All citizens want to feel safe in the area they live in and have the right to be a voice and participate in community justice solutions. As a member of the American Probation and Parole Association, Court Programs, Inc. upholds their vision statement, it states,” We see a fair, just, and safe society where community partnerships are restoring hope by embracing a balance of prevention, intervention, and advocacy.”

What does lending a helping hand in Mississippi look like? Court Programs, Inc. has provided professional alternative supervision programs to over 100 courts and 34 counties. Currently, CPI, has fourteen offices throughout the state and over fifty dedicated staff community members. Leadership, guidance, and respect are given to anyone that comes through the doors.

CPI has provided some of the innovative solutions that include the following: probation, 24/7 G.P.S. and alcohol monitoring, substance abuse testing, court fine collections, pre-trial diversion, ignition interlock, shoplifting and domestic violence courses, and school drug and truancy programs. More information on services can be found /services.html.

 Effective. Straightforward. Just. Distinguished.

Thank you Mississippi for allowing CPI to serve our community for over 20 years.

"Community justice requires focusing on community partnerships to meet the needs of victims and citizens, hold offenders accountable, and to provide prevention programs for a safe community. For community justice initiatives to be effective, there must be a system of open and active communication, cooperation and collaboration."-APPA


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